While the water utility, Aqua is working to replace mains along MacDade Blvd. and it’s work crews have been shaking buildings at the corner of MacDade Blvd. and Clifton Ave., the water company has agreed to pay for the use of two police officers to direct traffic through a makeshift maze, according to the borough’s chairman of Public Safety, Mark Loftus.

According to Aqua’s Manager of Communications Donna Alston, the construction is the final paving for a $2 million dollar project Aqua began and completed last year between September and November.

The project replaced 7,800 feet of six and eight-inch cast iron and four and eight-inch cement water mains with new six, eight and 12-inch ductile iron pipe on several streets in Collingdale.

Those streets include MacDade Boulevard between Pershing and Lafayette avenues, Wayne and Roberta avenues and Rhodes Avenue and Chester Pike.

It also affects Hansen Terrace between MacDade Blvd. Hansen Place and Hansen Place between Lafayette and the railroad tracks and Upland Terrace between MacDade Blvd. and the cul-de-sac.

The new mains increase service reliability, reduce the potential for discolored water and improve firefighting capabilities in the area. The paving is expected to be completed at the end of September.

Detour signs, traffic cones and trucks are forcing traffic into a detour for the duration of construction.

The receptionist at Family Dentistry at 724 MacDade Blvd. said on Thursday, they could feel the earthquake-like vibrations, but the dentist did not arrive until 11 a.m. when construction workers took a break.

Councilman Kenneth Burns said the borough’s Highway Department has planted a tree in front of the community center in honor of Fran McCoy from the Collingdale High School Alumni Association. It will be dedicated on Oct. 10th.

In other events, state Sen. Anthony Williams (D-7) will hold a senior citizen program at Collingdale Community Center next Thursday.

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