Upland borough Council has agreed with its solicitor, Robert O’Connor, that the borough’s fire company needs to be audited.

Council President Edward Mitchell agreed with O’Connor’s proposal and said Council has always been trying to divorce itself from the fire company and will only financially support it for the equipment needed for putting out fires.

“The fire company continues to say they have no money,” Mitchell said at a recent Council meeting. “They do not want to continue to assume the responsibility.”

The company allegedly claims it does not have enough money for anything, such as repairs or new equipment. 

Mitchell said the company has been making money with fundraisers and events. Council still wants to give money to the fire department through fundraisers, but the fire company is a separate entity and he wants to see it operate that way.

“I want to see that the fire company can financially stand on their own,” Mitchell said.

A merging of fire companies is another option brought up at the meeting, but Council does not know how to go about that process.

The president said the fire company has cancelled every meeting it has scheduled with Council to discuss finances.

Council Vice President Christine Peterson asked Mitchell what an audit would accomplish.

An audit will allow Council to see where the firehouse’s fiscal responsibilities are and create a record of every contribution they ever gave to the company, Mitchell responded.



Photo credit: Aaron Mott

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