Colwyn Councilwoman Tonette Pray abruptly announced her retirement. File photo

At August’s Colwyn Council meeting, Tonette Pray asked people to stand, join hands and pray that the meeting would be calm and peaceful. By the end of the month, the councilwoman resigned, citing retirement and a reluctance to engage in persistent infighting.

Pray, a former Colwyn Council president, resigned her seat effective Aug. 26th, going so far as to use Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I Rise” in her resignation letter.

Pray writes, “I am happy to announce my retirement from Colwyn Borough Council. I have served the borough of Colwyn to the best of my ability for the past 12 years. I endeavored to make it better for all of the residents. So I would like to leave with the eloquent words of Maya Angelou that describe my feeling far better than I can…I will continue to rise and hope that Colwyn will rise, too.”

After the short paragraph, Pray inserted Angelou’s poem. Former Borough Manager Paula Brown said it did not make sense for her to use the poem in her letter.

“It’s insulting that Tonette used Maya Angelou’s poem in her letter, because she’s comparing herself to Maya Angelou,” Brown said.

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