More than 150 students and parents from the Chester Community Charter School (CCCS) attempted to attend last week’s Chester Upland School Board meeting, but their numbers were so large that the meeting room couldn’t legally hold them so the session was rescheduled for this week at Chester High School.

The charter school students and parents are opposed to Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan, which, among other things, would cut special education funding for charter school students. 

“There were hundreds of unhappy people here tonight,” said Dr. David E. Clark, Jr., CCCS’ chief executive officer. “Charter schools in Chester have an enrollment that equals 55 percent of the student population in the city. We only receive 45 percent of the revenues, so do the math. Now you are talking about taking away 10 percent of the 45 percent.”

In addition to a reduction in charter school special education reimbursements, Wolf’s proposed plan calls for a forensic audit of all district spending over the past five years. The plan

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