In sweltering heat Monday afternoon, Yeadon elected officials joined by state Rep.  Margo  Davidson  (D-164) held  an outdoor press  conference  in  front  of   Yeadon Borough hall to make public their support for Joanna McClinton to be the next state representative of the 191st district, a district that includes West Philadelphia and parts of Delaware County.

In about half an hour Davidson, Yeadon Council President Sharon Council, Yeadon Mayor Rohan Hepkins and borough Councilwoman Learin Johnson had made the point that McClinton, a Democrat lawyer, pastor and aide to state Sen. Anthony Williams (D-7), was their choice to succeed former Rep. Ron Waters who was forced to resign as the result of a bribery allegation.

Said Davidson, who also chairs the Democratic Women’s Caucus, “I could not be more thrilled at the prospect of adding another highly qualified woman to the legislature. What I love most about about Johanna’s background is that she has a proven track record of public service as a public defender, youth minister and non-profit volunteer.”

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