The Chester Branch NAACP held its 105th Anniversary banquet last Friday in Essington that attracted hundreds of supporters, saluted adults for a variety of accomplishments, and awarded nearly $12,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors.

The theme of the celebration was the importance of education; family and working together to achieve common goals, all points that were reinforced through opening remarks by Chester Mayor John A. Linder, state Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland and Chester Upland School District Superintendent Gregory Shannon.

Both Linder and Kirkland, opponents in the upcoming mayoral primary election, spoke about the NAACP’s long history of working to ensure people of color had the right to vote.

“I was thinking about the NAACP and its tradition of freeing people,” Linder said. “One of our challenges was how to keep Chester free. We have to collectively continue to work on that.”

Chester NAACP President Darrell Jones reminded people about the work of the organization and urged the assembled to support the century-old organization with a paid membership.

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