Chester resident Rhea London, last week, questioned Mayor John Linder and City Council about a local religious leader being granted permission to use the city’s Community Room located in City Hall for a “Food for the Soul” non-denominational event.

Pastor Korey V. Grice was allowed to use the room on Tuesdays from Noon-12:45 p.m. for his program that includes lunch, worship and discussion. 

“How is it justified to bring religion into our public building?” asked London. “To me, that is a conflict of church and state.”

Chester Recreation Services Manager Duane Lee said the Community Room is available to everyone.

“This particular organization paid for the use of rental space, just as any other organization would,” Lee said. “They are feeding individuals and giving an hour of inspirational talking and fellowship.”

London responded, “Because you can, does not mean you should. The perception is that there is a conflict between church and state.”

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