Tom Corbett with constable

Incumbent Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and his wife, Susan.

Incumbent Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and his wife, Susan, spent part of last Saturday visiting with voters in Marcus Hook. With the Primary Election behind him, Corbett is looking ahead to November and hopes to defeat his Democratic challenger for another term as the state’s Republican governor.

Corbett, last weekend, talked to residents including Johnny Johnson (left), a state constable, at the Sungate Diner before attending a community festival in Philadelphia.

Standing within eye view of the Sun Oil Refinery property, Corbett said his view of energy opportunity in the state is much broader than the issue of a single extraction tax, an issue his Democrat challengers have continually pushed. They say extractors of natural gas from Marcellus Shale in other parts of Pennsylvania should pay an extraction tax similar to other states.

Corbett has long opposed such tax, saying there are so many other taxes those companies already pay here. He said, in fact, there are more taxes paid here, without an extraction tax, than are paid in other states with such a tax.

He said the larger opportunity is for job creation throughout the state, including Delaware County, as more companies benefit from tax credits to help convert their facilities to handle new energy business and opportunities. He specifically mentioned new energy-related opportunities coming that could benefit residents in Eddystone, Chester, Trainer and Marcus Hook.

He said political pundits and the media are not focusing on it, but he said his vision and policies are helping to bring manufacturing jobs back to the state and those jobs were a vital part of Delaware County.

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