Chester Township Council is considering the possibility of charging a fee for rental of the community building. Councilman Gabriel Ingram said due to the current economy, the township can no longer provide the building for free.

“We know the building belongs to the people, unfortunately there is a cost incurred. We have to pay for lights, heat; police to patrol the area, and custodians to take care of the building. So, we are trying to come up with a viable formula that will allow you to rent the building, but at the same time recover our costs.”

Ingram said Council understands there are financially strapped groups that are unable to pay the going rate and it is possible to make arrangements, depending on the function, such as a fundraiser.

“These things are under study and (we) plan to have a decision by the end of the month, so we don’t conflict with you. Free is not an option any longer.”

In other matters, Council named TD Bank the township’s official depository for 2014.

It also approved a $3,220 bid from Grace Quality Used Cars in Morrisville, PA to buy a used 2009 Crown Victoria township police vehicle. Of the three bids submitted, Grace was the highest offered.

Councilman Calvin Bernard announced that summer trash pick up will be collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning in May. He added that the township road inspection was completed and Toby Farms partially failed.

Bernard said three code enforcement officers will be on duty throughout the township.

“We need to bring respect back to Chester Township; bring dignity to the residents and do away with a lot of riff-raff.”

He said mosquito spraying will also commence in May and encouraged residents to be cautions of standing water, especially in swimming pools and tires.

Councilwoman Angela Prattis said the township will soon create a photographic historical wall. Residents are asked to share pictures that will be copied and returned when they are brought to the municipal building office.

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