Towa posterEdmund and Simone have been married for 30 years but are unaware of where the other really stands regarding the viability of their marriage. Five days before their anniversary, Edmund secretly shops for wedding rings to renew their vows while his wife secretly produces divorce papers, intending to serve them to her husband on their anniversary.

The film is called The Other Way Around, written by Nathan Ross Freeman, and the two-week shooting starts in Chester and Philadelphia on May 16th.

Chester native and actor/musician/producer Don Newton plays the lead role of Edmund, the husband. Wendy Pearson-Bautista, a Philadelphia actress, plays his eccentric wife who is troubled by the five stillborns she’s had and she routinely visits gravesites around the world.

The film explores how two people, who seem incompatible, survive years of marriage. Newton says the film is a tribute to longstanding marriages that have endured the test of time.

“It is a tribute to marriages that have sustained, that have lasted. There are changes, there’s obstacles, but you still hang in there so it speaks to the faithful for sure. They realize that things happen and, wow, this has taken 30 years,” said Newton. “It’s a story about fidelity and love but not being able to have children has had a toll on us and we’ve each dealt with it in our own way.”

The production team has put together a trailer for their Indiegogo fundraising campaign that will run for the next 22 days, aiming to reach the goal of $24,000. The monies will help pay for film equipment, crew and travel as well as promotion of the film.

“Every teenage first love knows it is impossible; that it won’t last forever. We, as a species deep down in our soul, wish even in those one night stands (that) we’ll find the one,” says Freeman in his campaign video.

“Simone, Edmund and myself, we need you. We need you to join in contribution to the filming of The Other Way Around.”

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