Brookhaven Fire Chief Rob Montella, during a recent meeting of Borough Council, requested reactivation of the firehouse siren in specific cases of high risk.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve had some pretty serious storms in this town where we have had firefighters on fire trucks with straight line winds unable to contact them with no warning to get those guys back on the trucks,” Montella said.

The chief added that the fire company did not want to use the siren for every fire, but only if the potential for injury or death is a possibility.

“We don’t want the siren to blow like it used to,” said Montella. “We want it on for only one minute. It gets more firemen out of bed. I don’t know if anybody in this room ever had a house fire during the night, but I’ve had many people tell me that when they are standing in the front yard with their family, the first thing you want to hear when they dial 911 is the sound of that fire siren blowing.”

Montella said digital pagers don’t go off in metal buildings and on many occasions, firefighters have been in shopping centers and the pagers didn’t work.

“The siren gets more people out for us and more firefighters respond to emergencies,” Montella said. “This is a lifesaving, safety issue.”

Councilman John Wilwert, Jr. said the Emergency Management Committee is currently working on siren patterns in case of weather or other type of emergency.

In other matters, Council accepted Donna Miles’ resignation from the Zoning Hearing Board and Joseph Calentino was appointed an alternate member of the board. Council needs one additional alternate member. Interested residents may submit a resume to Borough Secretary Mary McKinley, c/o Brookhaven Borough, 2 Cambridge Road, Brookhaven, Pa. 19015.

Residents interested in joining the borough’s 70th anniversary committee are asked to contact Councilwoman Janice Sawicki at (610) 874-2557. Brookhaven will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2015.

Health officer Cathy Warfield told Council she has received complaints about the condition of local properties. Warfield said several properties with junk and debris are causing neighborhoods to resemble junk yards. She also reminded residents that planting bamboo is prohibited and existing bamboo may only be four feet tall.

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