The AR-10 assault rifle, like this one in a file photo from an out-of-state police department, is considered a rare find by police in Chester.

Delaware County Criminal Investigation Department officers served search warrants to the Chester Police Station on Tuesday in the afternoon. The warrants were served in response to a very specific formal complaint about missing items in the evidence room.

“We are investigating the allegations contained in the formal complaint that involve the Chester evidence room,” said John J. Whelan, Delaware County District Attorney. “We are not at liberty to discuss who filed the formal complaint at this point in time.”

Whelan said he was first made aware of the allegations through the Chester Spirit article published last week, detailing the story about a scope of an AR-10 rifle that had gone missing temporarily but mysteriously reappeared.

“Some of this was brought forth by the article in the Chester Spirit making an allegation of certain issues,” said Whelan. “We hadn’t received a formal complaint at that point nor had we any knowledge other than what was reported in your paper.”

The DA’s office made an inquiry about the allegation of missing items in the evidence room. Whelan said initially the inquiry did not pull up any credible information beyond people sharing negative feelings about the situation but soon after the inquiry a formal complaint was filed leading to the investigation.

“We are responding to a very specific allegation and we have no knowledge of any other allegations,” said Whelan “I don’t see it as a long investigation but we like to be thorough. We’ll be working on it over the next few days into the next few weeks to make sure we cover all the bases of the allegation.”

Whelan explained there were no specific officers served a warrant.

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