Chester Council, last week, terminated a lease agreement between the city and Achievement House Cyber Charter School, which for the past year, has been located in the police station at 160 East 7th St.

Mayor John Linder said the termination was a mutual agreement between the city and the school.

“They were leased for one year with the understanding that we would extend the lease for six months, “Linder said, “and the lease would be terminated at the end of six months.”

Councilman Nafis Nichols said the contract requires 90 days notice be given to either party before the agreement could be terminated.

In other matters, Andrea Garrett was appointed assistant director of the summer food service program, with no benefits. Her employment shall not exceed 10 hours per week.

Council approved the hiring of full-time police officers Michael Caufield and Ricci Pyle, effective March 24th.  The officers are required to live in the city for the first three years of employment. Thereafter they may live within 50 miles of City Hall.

Council authorized the Chester Water Authority to install replacement piping on Harwick St. from South Route 291 to West 3rd St; Trainer St. from West 3rd St. to West 4th St.; Clayton St. from West 3rd St. to West 4th St.; and to clean the lining in various locations throughout the city.

A Central Ave. resident complained about the “infestation of cats” in the city.

“There are so many cats that they have taken up residence in people’s yards, including my own, and they are spraying and digging in the trash,” said the resident. “It is a health hazard.”

Councilman William “Al” Jacobs said every time an animal is picked up, it costs the city $250 to transport the cat or dog to the Chester County SPCA. He said the focus of the city has been on dogs, but the animal control officer has been out for six or seven months.

“We are in the process of hiring someone,” said Jacobs. “We have been in touch with an animal rescue group in Philadelphia about the cats.”

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