John Hanger and Roland Hepkins

He believes his campaign for governor is gaining momentum. Despite not being endorsed along with the six other candidates for governor by the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (DSC) recently, former Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary John Hanger said last week, “I want to make sure everybody knows that I love Delaware County.”

“The second thing I want people to know is that our campaign is surging,” he said. “We need 300,000 votes to win on May 20th and we’re at about 150,000 votes today.”

Hanger shared his optimism with a handful of Chester City residents at the Sunrise Diner on Edgmont Ave. recently before making other rounds throughout the county.

“People are very attracted to our powerful message of Schools not Jails. Jobs not Jails,” boasted Hanger.

Hanger is running against six other Democrats trying to unseat incumbent Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, yet none was endorsed last Saturday by the DSC. None grabbed the 221 votes needed for the endorsement, but Hanger placed fourth of the five that were on the state party’s ballot.

Others running include state Treasurer Rob McCord, who garnered the most votes but not enough to win; former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty, U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, former state Department of Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, Rev. Max Myer from Cumberland County and Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Lititz.

“I’m the only candidate with a jobs plan,” said Hanger, “and the only candidate with a college affordability plan.”

Aston resident Karen Wahner said she liked Hanger’s message and was very impressed with his passion.

“What I really like about him is that he’s genuine. He’s not a professional politician, who is telling you what you want to hear, moving on to shake the next hand,” said Wahner.

She especially liked his “college affordability plan.” Wahner has four children with one in college. She said covering the cost was a struggle.

“We know the struggles our oldest daughter just went through,” recalled Wahner. “She was accepted to Kutztown this year and trying to secure funding for that was a real struggle. We have three more (children) to go and it’s very taxing for us.”

Hanger believes his plan can help families like the Wahners.

“We’ve got a plan to give every Pennsylvanian the opportunity to go for two years to a community college or one year at a state university without writing a tuition check up front,” explained Hanger. “We’d have a fund to pay the tuition for them and then when they become a worker and have income, they’d pay one to two percent of their wages back into the fund.”

Last Saturday Hanger continued his local tour, opening a local office in Yeadon where he was greeted by newly elected Mayor Rohan Hepkins (D), who will share the office on Church Lane.

“This will be his Delaware County office and I’ve moved downstairs to the basement of the White House,” laughed Hepkins. “We’re just happy to be a part of the grand opening of John Hanger’s new office in Yeadon. I know John Hanger personally. He’s a great man and he will make the best governor of any of the other candidates.”

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