Month: September 2013

Lower Chi addresses safety concerns

By LorettaRodgers S everal residents from the area of Sterling Ave., last month, told Lower Chichester commissioners they were concerned about children’s safety in their neighborhood and requested that repairs be made to the community playground. Commissioners President Rocco Gaspari, Jr. reported last week that the concerns were addressed within 48 hours. “Two speed humps and ‘Watch Children’ signs were erected, the playground was cleaned, and plans are in the works to replace the playground equipment that was dismantled due to vandalism,” Gaspari said. “The problems have been addressed.” Gaspari said residents don’t have to wait for a...

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Local church says “thanks” to area emergency responders

  By LorettaRodgers I n a public display of gratitude, Pastor Randy Friedman and the congregation of North Chester Baptist Church, last Sunday, held a service honoring local emergency personnel. In addition to Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan and Delaware County Sheriff Joe McGinn, Chester police and firefighters, officers representing Upland Borough, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Delaware County Honor Guard, Brookhaven Fire Department, and various Chester County emergency services were present for the service and luncheon that followed. Also attending were Chester councilmembers Portia West, William “Al” Jacobs and Elizabeth Williams. “This is the second year the (church) has done this for us and we are very grateful,” said McGinn. “It is nice of them to recognize our first responders. The church members go all out for us and it’s a very nice gesture.” Following a welcome offered by Friedman, the Delaware County Honor Guard presided over the presentation of colors, followed by an uplifting rendition of the National Anthem sung by Chester County Deputy Sheriff Wayne Johnson.  Guest speaker Rev. Jack Crans, chaplain and director of the Chester County Gospel Mission, praised the first responders for their bravery and dedication. He said the officers and firefighters were in the position of being leaders and much needed role models for youth. “We need leaders,” said Crans, “many children do not have fathers. We all need God...

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Lower Chi residents fear for childrens safety

  By LorettaRodgers L ower Chichester commissioners, during a recent meeting, were deluged with complaints from residents in the area of Sterling Avenue who expressed concerns about the safety of children in their neighborhood and requested that repairs be made to the community playground. “There are little children playing in the street and alley,” said one resident, “I’m not talking teenagers, but children from five to seven years-old. They are ruining cars because they are playing with sticks. Drivers cannot see them. Something has to be done about getting these children off the streets.” Another resident, who requested repairs be made to the local playground, said teenagers are hanging at the park “setting fires, doing drugs and drinking.” “Parents are not watching their children,” she said. “The kids are being destructive because they have nothing else to do. There have been five fires set at that park this summer.” Commissioners President Rocco Gaspari, Jr. said the township removed playground equipment from the park because it was being destroyed. “I do agree, it needs to be put back,” he said. One parent, whose child is autistic, said cars are speeding at rates of 50 miles per hour in the neighborhood. “I can keep my eye on my son, but these people are speeding,” she said. “The children are very disrespectful. I ask them, ‘Where is your mom?’ and they...

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Chester Panthers open new season on high note

By RyanK.Smith Last  Saturday afternoon, the Chester Panthers Football Association (CPFA) took to the gridiron for their season opener against the Chichester Crusaders, a rival in the Delaware County Youth Football League (DCYFL). Families and friends piled onto Chester’s Memorial Park football field to watch the varsity Peewee, Midget, Junior and Senior squads sweep the Crusaders in all four games. “The parents are out, the kids are out here; it’s a great atmosphere and a great environment,” said CPFA President/Director Charles Thompson. In 2003, Thompson took control of the financially distressed program, which began in 1996. “I revamped the...

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Councilwoman resigns seat in Parkside

By LorettaRodgers After serving 14 years as a councilwoman in Parkside Borough, Jackie File-Barlow resigned during a recent meeting of borough Council. In a prepared statement, File-Barlow announced she was moving to Aston Township and would no longer be eligible to serve as a Parkside elected official. “It has been an honor serving on Parkside Council and I will miss the borough very much,” said File-Barlow. “I have learned so much being a part of this special group. I have been involved in making several major decisions that, hopefully, will have a lasting affect on our borough. I’d like...

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