By LorettaRodgers

Cat feeders maybe in dog houseLike several other municipalities in the county, Brookhaven is having serious issues with stray cats, especially in the area of Meadowbrook Lane.
Councilwoman Donna Erickson, at last week’s Council meeting, said in addition to putrid odor, the feral cats have become “mean and aggressive” with residents and complaints have been filed about the situation.
“There are many children in that area and I am very worried that somebody is going to get hurt,” said Erickson; “I am in the medial field and cat scratch fever is a real disease; (and) very painful too.”
Borough Health Officer Cathy Warfield said if left unresolved, the potential for a rabies outbreak could occur.
To address the situation, Council unanimously authorized up to $600 for participation in the Delaware County SPCA’s spay/neuter and release program. Borough animal control officer Dave Schlott will catch the strays and take them to the SPCA where they will be spayed or neutered, have their ears clipped for identification, and returned to their colony location.
The cost per cat is $60.
Erickson said residents have been repeatedly asked not to feed the strays, but they still do.
Councilwoman Donna Fooks said the Ordinance Committee has outlined a measure making an individual who feeds a feral cat considered the owner and legally responsible for it. The ordinance is currently being reviewed by solicitor Michael Maddren.
In other matters, Council Vice President Ben Linowski reported the borough received a “clean bill of health” during a three-day pension fund audit performed by the state attorney general’s office. Linowski said the audit indicated no abnormal findings and complimented all involved.
Council unanimously approved a change to Civil Service Commission requirements about employment in the borough’s police department. Now, to be considered for full-time status, a part-time officer must have two years of service with the borough and must be a current employee.
Councilman John Wilwert reported the Public Works Department has completed painting the lines on the tennis court at Samson Field.
The borough won a $16,881 recycling performance grant that had been prepared by borough secretary Mary McKinley.
Fooks announced Council formation of a business revitalization task force and invited interested residents to call her at (610) 874-2557.
Council awarded a $27,430 contract to the Bristol, Bucks County-based sewer contractor SWERP, Inc. for sanitary sewer manhole improvements in the borough.

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