By AlexandraPaulin.

The not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case sparked a frenzy of outcries on Twitter last Saturday night. According to, there were about 160,000 tweets per hour using the hashtags #Zimmerman and #TrayvonMartin. Residents in our area also took to social media to vent.
Chester/Community Spirit reader Doug Satchell (@DugSatch) tweeted what he took away from the case: “So in Florida if you are white and you want to kill a person of color, all you have to do is approach the person and shoot them and tell the police that you felt threatened and they were just ‘standing there ground’ and get away with MURDER……every person of color in Florida should be very scared right now.”
Other readers took to Facebook to show their disappointment. “There is no way, they found him not guilty,” Chester resident LaShelle McCray posted. John Shamburger’s Facebook status talked about his confusion with the verdict, “Our youth are in trouble, if you can do time for killing a dog, and get off for killing a human being…Wow.”
@IX_III_XCVII from Chester’s initial tweet after hearing the verdict read, “If he can follow somebody, kill him and get away, I better be able to do the same #ThatsAll.” A mere nine minutes later, she followed with the tweet, “This right here shows y’all why we need to stick together; y’all see how they do us?”
Some chose to keep it simple, like @CJ_3412, of Chester, who tweeted, “#NoJustice.”
Aston residents took to their local message boards at and filled 15 forum pages about the case. While the debates in the threads were quite heated, there were some thoughtful and thought-provoking remarks from users about the case as well.
“Sorry guys, but justice has been done. Happy for the Zimmerman family, but sad for the Martin family. Nothing will bring their boy back and for that I am truly sorry,” one user named astontibs posted.
Another user, Stinky Pete, wrote that “He (Zimmerman) may have been found not guilty, but his life is ruined.”
Even Philadelphia native and musician Questlove felt the need to speak out, along with many other celebrities and public figures. Questlove posted numerous emotional tweets about his “anger” over the verdict, “knock knock…..who’s there? justice….just us who?”

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