By LorettaRodgers and DesireGrover

Even though controversy and a host of negative accusations swirled around incumbent Democratic state Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, he still managed to defeat Republican Marcus Hook Mayor James “Jay” Schiliro handily to retain his seat in the 159th legislative district for an 11th term.

In Pennsylvania’s Ninth District state Senate race, incumbent Republican Dominic Pileggi defeated challenger, Democrat Patricia Worrell. Even though Worrell handily won the City of Chester by a 5-1 margin, Pileggi, the current Senate majority leader, enjoyed a strong showing in Chester County and other areas of Delaware County. With just a few precincts left to report as of our presstime, Pileggi led Worrell 68,759 to 55,351.

Pileggi is a lifelong Chester resident and former mayor of the city.

By the end of Election Day evening, Kirkland had won reelection in a landslide in Chester with 16,025 votes to Schiliro’s 4,042. Schiliro was victorious in
Marcus Hook and Lower Chichester.

The Marcus Hook mayor lost in Parkside where borough representatives said the turnout was actually higher than the 2008 election.

In addition to those communities, the district also includes Eddystone, Trainer, Chester Township, Upland and parts of Upper Chichester and Ridley Township.

“We had huge voter turnout,” said Parkside resident and poll worker Mike Cole. “I’m sure it had to do with the presidential election. There were over 1,000 people who voted.”

At the Chester Fine Arts Center East (CFACE), where Democrats gathered, the mood was happy but not boisterous; uncharacteristic for a post-election gathering. An estimated 100 people seemed more interested in the national presidential race on TV and the provided food spread than the lopsided state House contest.

A reporter was asked not to take photographs and Kirkland himself was noticeably absent. The reporter was there until 10 P.M. and Kirkland was nowhere to be found.

In contrast, Schiliro was partying with Republican leaders and supporters at the Concordville Inn until late in the evening.

“Oh, I’ll be back,” said Schiliro, promising to run again. “I’d like to thank all who supported me throughout my campaign. There were a lot of things brought to light about Mr. Kirkland and…

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