By LorettaRodgers

Lower Chichester commissioners, during a recent meeting, recognized four township citizens for helping police apprehend a suspect fleeing a crime scene.

Mike Ancone, Robert Repine, Jr., Mike Allway and Olaris Waters, all members of the township fire company, were given certificates of appreciation by Commissioners President Rocco Gaspari, Jr.

Around 11 P.M. on Aug. 11th a local business was burglarized by a person stealing copper and a catalytic converter. Lower and Upper Chichester police responded to the call and chased the suspect on foot down to Edwards St.

Gaspari said when he approached Cooper Drive, he watched as several people helped police by “taking the guy down.”

“When I pulled up I really didn’t know who was fighting,” Gaspari said. “A couple of guys from the…

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