By DesireGrover

Leslie Easterday wants to make sure he and his wife, Doris, don’t end up homeless but the management of the Bridgewater Apartments in Brookhaven wants him gone because, as he believes, “They don’t like the veterans here.”

The Easterdays have lived there for about seven years but recently received a notice ordering them to leave their apartment. They have until the end of the month. The notice first sent in August and later extended to allow them time to find another dwelling, detailed reasons for the eviction.

It claimed the elderly couple in their 80s harassed fellow tenants of the 105-unit complex and they were warned about termination of their lease last March 29th.
According to Easterday, the eviction is wrong because he didn’t harass his neighbors; he merely made a mistake by intentionally scratching the wrong neighbor’s car. Plus, he said, he is a war veteran.

“The manager doesn’t like me, the owner doesn’t like me. They want us outta here all because I did one damaged thing,” he insists. “I don’t like it here. How can anybody stay here with one to 50 rules,” he says.

Depending upon whom you talk, troubles for Easterday began when he realized his car was scratched. He said the scratches increased so he decided to get back at the neighbor who he believed was responsible. The problem, he would later find out, was that he vandalized the wrong vehicle.

“I figured he (the neighbor) did it, but he didn’t do it, so he called the cops. The cops had it (the act of vandalism) on camera; now I have a felony.”
Easterday is apologetic.

“I’m sorry I scratched the wrong one,” he said, “Now I’ve got that stuck in my head.”

Ann McCall, Bridgewater’s manager, said no one wants to see the couple on the street, but they have not been easy tenants. When the couple first moved in, McCall said, they didn’t seem to get along with some of their neighbors so they were transferred from one end of the three-building complex to the other side.

“They moved here in 2004. We started immediately having problems with them but I thought maybe he (Easterday) just didn’t get along with…

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