By RyanSmith


or residents of Darby Township, there are three ways to get from Hook Road to the other side of Sharon Hill along Chester Pike. You can take the roundabout ways of going down Calcon Hook Road before Hook Road turns into 84th St. or down Primos Ave. before it turns into Delmar Drive.

The other way is to go up Sharon Ave. past the Sharon Hill train station. Once upon a time, there was another point of access from Hook Road to Chester Pike; it was Folcroft Ave. Folcroft Ave. is still there, but drivers and walkers can’t stay on it all the way to, or from, Chester Pike because the bridge in the middle has been closed for years.

Travelers used the Folcroft Ave. route for years as a convenient way to get to their destination. However, in 1997, due to safety hazards, the bridge was closed for construction.

What should have been a simple fix, turned into 15 years of disagreements between the boroughs of Sharon Hill and Folcroft, and state officials at PennDOT. The prevailing topic of contention centered around who is financially responsible for repairing the bridge. Things were made more complicated when Amtrak, whose high velocity line ran on tracks that run under the faulty bridge, threw its hat into the ring and opposed construction due to fears that it would interfere with their trains.

According to Sharon Hill borough manager, Brian Razzi,

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