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or the second consecutive month, Aston Township’s new leaf collection system came under fire.

In an effort to save an estimated $40,000 annually, commissioners decided to forego using the leaf collection vacuum machine and instead require residents to place leaves in biodegradable bags at curbside.

“This is a safety issue,” said resident Bob Armstrong, at a recent commissioner’s meeting. “In my neighborhood the leaves are not being bagged by the people; they are being blown out into the street. Can’t we manage the overtime situation a little better. I understand that is one of the reasons why the (mechanical) leaf pick-up was knocked off. The leaves are going into the sewer systems. People are letting the leaves go and not cleaning them up. I have a bad rotator cuff and I can’t do it. The old leaf pick-up system should be reinstated.”

Calling the new collection policy “well-intentioned,” Caroline Drive resident Kerry Freeman also asked commissioners to reconsider their decision. He said his property is more than an acre and he estimates he’s going to move over 2,000 pounds of mulched leaves that will cost him between $100 and $200 to have them removed.

“Please find a way to go back to the original collection system because the one we have now isn’t working,” he said. “It’s true that leaves are being blown into the street and I’d like to know who is responsible for picking up leaves in the street. They are going to lie there all winter unless somebody comes along and picks them up. Please address this matter again because it’s just not working right now.”

At last month’s meeting, senior citizen John Ford said it was much easier to place the leaves at the curb with a rake or tarp, adding that the use of the bags is an added expense.

“You have all these citizens of this township buying bags, putting them…

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