Needle Works in Chester members meet and learn to create beautiful and award-winning items shown here by members (from left) Vincente Saldana, Naomi R. Jay, Linda Saldana, Cathleen Draughon, June Dunean, Shantese Cooper-Tull.

By JeanneBennett


1990 book by author Annie Louise Potter, A Living Mystery, the International Art & History of Crochet, explained the word “crochet” comes from the Middle French words “croc” or “croche,” meaning “hook.” Crochet is the art of creating fabric by pulling loops of yarn or thread through other loops with the aid of a crochet hook.

Starting with a simple chain as a foundation, various stitches are added until the crocheted piece has basically been built upon itself. Crochet can be worked in rows or rounds with stunning results.

Women have, for centuries, used crocheting as a means of creating clothing for their families and supporting themselves. Receiving a gift made especially for you from a relative or friend has always been extra special.

This sentiment has not been lost on Needle Works in Chester (NWIC)…

For the entire story pick up volume 4, issue 18 of the Chester Spirit.

Jay, studying to become a master crocheter, is always receptive to more people joining the group that meets at the library, 620 Engle St., Chester, on Monday nights from 6–8 P.M. and has just announced a Wednesday class from 5-6 P.M. at 506 Ave. of the States.



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