Vince and Sandy Perrotta

By PhilPerrone

Early last Friday evening, a small crowd began to form in the parking lot of Sun Valley High School and along Pancoast Ave. Soon, fire truck sirens would be heard from the distance, ushering in the start of the annual Sun Valley Homecoming Parade. As the minutes ticked by, swarms of Sun Valley parents, their pre-high school children, and students of the school alike flooded the area in anticipation of grandiose lights, sounds, cheers, and displays.

Vince and Sandy Perrotta, two out of what may have been hundreds of parents in attendance, have come to the parade every year for the past eight years. Vince was a running back/linebacker for the Sun Valley football team from 1977-79. His wife was a police officer in Chester for 14 years before retiring in 2007. Their daughter, Samantha, is currently a Sun Valley freshman. “People are very family-oriented around here,” Sandy said enthusiastically. “Everybody knows everybody.”

When the moment had arrived and the sirens shouted along Pancoast Ave., the large crowd lit up with excitement. Some people took pictures and videos, while others just basked in the celebratory nature of the event.

In all, the parade boasted…

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Sun Valley students from the class of 2014 strike a pose in front of their float at the Homecoming Parade on Friday. Photos by Phil Perrone.

Kids from Northley Middle School

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