Lucille Lavner

By LorettaRodgers

Brookhaven resident Lucille Lavner has lived in the Hilltop Condominiums for more than 33 years. She has a beautiful home and until about a year ago, was enjoying life. That was until she began finding bats in her living room and bedroom. Now Lavner says she’s living a “nightmare” and has asked Brookhaven Borough Council for help.

“I can’t sleep,” Lavner told Council members. “I fall asleep during the day because I’m so afraid of the bats. I need somebody from the borough to tell the management company they have to do something about the bats in my building.”
Lavner’s condominium sits at the end of a large building and, for some reason, the bats find that location, and her unit, particularly suitable.

In Lavner’s opinion, the Wentworth Management Company that runs the condominiums, has not effectively addressed the problem and, added insult to injury, an additional $55.00 was added to the $162.50 monthly maintenance fee paid by each resident for improvements.

An exchange of e-mails with Wentworth’s Community Manager Tonya McCabe clearly tells the tale of…

For the entire story pick up volume 2, issue 44 of the Community Spirit.

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