By JessicaBautista

Chester residents felt the Earth move under their feet yesterday (Tuesday, Aug. 23rd) when tremors from an unlikely 5.9 earthquake in Virginia reached states across the East Coast and our area in just 49 seconds from the initial rumble down south.

At around 1:50 P.M., residents were seen coming out of their homes in confusion, and mostly disbelief, that any seismic activity had hit Chester. While the trembling may have lasted only a few seconds, it was enough to cause building evacuations throughout a region generally unacquainted with earthquakes.
According to Chester City spokeswoman Emily Harris, City Hall was evacuated, but there was no reported damage in the city as of about 3 P.M.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Mike Pigott said it’s hard to measure exactly where Chester’s quake falls on the Richter scale because of its distance from the site that was hit hardest in Mineral, VA, near Richmond.

“There’s no real way to compare what Chester might’ve felt,” Pigott said, adding, “But it was certainly a good shake; we received reports from as far as Rhode Island and Connecticut feeling it.”

No tsunamis are expected to follow, however, Pigott said, “With an earthquake of this size, it’s very likely we’ll see aftershocks in the coming weeks or even next month.”

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