Jack Pittman mourning the loss of his dog Victor was overjoyed was glad local kids gave him one of Victor's pups that he will name Victor, Jr.

By JessicaBautista

A familiar, four-legged friend was shot in front of Jack’s 501 Bar two weeks ago, but for several community members, his loss has not gone unnoticed.

Victor, a five to six year-old mixed-breed dog, who was often seen chasing cars and lounging at the bar near Seventh and Potter sts., was shot while he was inside his owner’s parked car on Aug. 7th.

The verdict is still out on whether it was deliberate; Victor’s owner,

, has his theories. Regardless of the shooting’s intent, Pittman is grieving the loss of Victor, who, for Pittman, personified the phrase, “man’s best friend.”

Pittman’s son, Anthony Pittman, recalled his father finding Victor on their back step around Christmas years ago and deciding to take him in. “They became the best of friends,” Anthony said.

Anthony and other bar patrons reminisced about Victor and the attention he received from locals. “If you didn’t love Vic, you were considered a hater,” Anthony said. “People used to stop by just to give him a snack; sometimes if the cops didn’t see him, they came in to see what was up.”

Indeed, Victor had become a staple in the community, which is why…

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