The TAG House in Upland serves to mentor and provide transitional housing for low-income, at-risk men. Standing on the porch are (left to right) President Kent Henry, Outreach Coordinator Javier Marrero, Secretary Kenneth Thomas and Vice President Stanley Rice.

By LeslieKrowchenko

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Like most people, The Alumni Group (TAG) was familiar with the analogy which compares paying rent to digging a hole and putting the money in the ground. They decided it was time to stop burying the funds.

After more than two years as renters, the organization, which serves to mentor and provide transitional housing for low-income, at-risk men, has purchased its first home. The intermediate residence in Upland originally opened with a house blessing in March 2009.

Photos by Leslie Krowchenko

The twin house in Upland provides a haven for those transitioning from drug rehabilitation programs to “normal” life.

“We wanted to show people we were deliberate,” said TAG President Kent Henry. “It has always been one of our goals and is a big step for us.”

Established in 2006, TAG was formed by several recovering addicts who, after completing long-term drug rehabilitation programs, realized the importance of establishing a haven for those transitioning from treatment centers to “normal” life. In addition to housing, the men need advice and resources for social, academic, vocational and personal development.

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Photos by Leslie Krowchenko

TAG Secretary Kenneth Thomas, President Kent Henry and Vice President Stanley Rice sit on the steps of the three-bedroom house.

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