By LorettaRodgers


rookhaven Fire Chief Rob Montella and Fire Marshal Charles Leslie want the borough’s parking ordinances modified.

At last week’s Council meeting, they asked leaders to consider it for public safety’s sake. Montella said resident parking on both sides of the street block fire trucks from passing safely.

“This is especially occurring on Shepherd St., Grandview Ave. and on Cambridge Sq.,” he said, adding, “It’s not a safe situation.”

Leslie said approximately three weeks ago around 11 P.M. firefighters were called to investigate reports of smoke coming from a house and were unable to pass until a homeowner was notified to move a vehicle.

“I literally had to lay on the horn to get the person to move the car,” said Leslie. “Most of these residents have driveways or at least the parking should be staggered. The streets are too narrow to allow parking on both sides of the street.”

Council members agreed the matter was important and said it would be taken under advisement.

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